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Hair rebond @TonyandJackey (Fairview)

@ Tony and Jackey (SM Fairview Branch)

I decided to have hair rebond package(Korean rebond) for P3000.00 at Tony and Jackey Salon. It was about 4hrs process, I think around 5pm till 9pm. I really love the ambiance in this salon, and everyone seems to be friendly and courteous to their costumers. I noticed that all employees will say thank you when you were leaving to their salon. It’s the first salon I ever visited that has their locker for their costumers, to put your things while you’re in their salon. So here’s the result of my hair after…
Result after the rebond process…
plus treatments from the rebond package.
As of July 30, 2010

Next Day 🙂 where I cannot washed yet my hair.
I didnt washed it for 3 days.
As of July 31, 2010

My hair as of August 05, 2010

Well, after the rebond process my hair became smoother, unlike before which was so dry. Until now, I haven’t shampooed my hair, but I make sure that I still washed it well, and I used Hair Spa thrice a week, plus conditioner. Still have to take care for it, so the rebonded hair will last for a year.
Tony And Jackey
My Ratings: 7 out of 10

Summer almost ended..

A view from CABALATIAN islands, Pangasinan..

A wonderful place, I ever visited.. I never knew there’s something like this from our province. Just from Uyong, Labrador seashore we ride a boat where we paid Php 500.00 going to these wonderful island nearby.
The seashore from our town in Uyong was a way different from the seashore of these island. My feet can still feel the smoothness of the sand but on our way going to what they call cave in here, I saw a lot of crushed seashells which hurt my foot. I wondered how these crushed seashells became like that… might be.. dynamite fishing?? oh I don’t really know. But hopefully, for 6yrs of new term for this government, I would suggest for conservation of our natural resources. Our descendants might not see the wonder of our own country. That will be really sad. Everyone must take a part of conserving it!

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Happy Holidays!

How to: Style A Side Bow for Layered Hair plus No heat curls

Me and My cousin
I tried this simple but very cute hairstyle when I watch a video tutorial.. This is definitely so easy. I used Pantene Pro-V Style Volume Mousse to add volume to my hair and also to my cousins hair when styling. Also for cheating curls … I did a cheat curls to my hair, just using the Mousse plus a hair rubber band.

Back View (my Cousin’s hair)

Isn’t it cute?

Here’s the tutorials=] Try it and tell me what you think.. This tutorial was from SecretLifeOfaBioNerd of youtube<3 one of the gurus I love also.. Check her out! She's also making cute dress, purses, tutorials… don't miss it!Totally awesome<3

Review:BOKOMA kopfmassage (head massager)

Got my Bokoma kopfmassage! Well, the first try of this product.. it was really relaxing. Last night I asked my younger brother to use it to me.. it is so easy to use. Just put the massager like what is shown in Img. 1, then push and pull ..and it is really relaxing.  It has 12 metallic wiring, 6 shorter than the other 6.  At the tip of the wires, there is a round which helps in massaging.  This product is so easy to use.
Img. 01
My Bokoma Kopfmassager
Here’s a sample video on how it works.

My 120 eyeshadow palette YEHEY!!!

Great news for those who..

-are from Philippines like me who wanted 120 palette and other palettes who doesn’t want waiting for about 2 weeks-a month long for their order from EBAY international; doesn’t want to be dissapointed for smashed eyeshadows which easily fall-out.

-doesn’t have PAYPAL.

-wants some discounts..

Here’s my experienced I would love to share to you:

(I look messed up, LOL)

I was so happy yesterday ,Saturday (September 19, 2009) , when I received my 120 palette which I ordered from M.O.I. Cosmetics of Miss Alison Green. It was really a great transaction with her. She makes me feel that COSTUMER were always right. I don’t have Paypal, G-cash and I was lazy to go to Bank. So I ask her if it was OK through Western Union(nearer to me), she didn’t give any hesitation of saying OK. I sent the money September 15,2009 then she picked up the next day September 16,2009, then sent my order before cut-off . Since I am living within Manila also, she told me that possibly I can get my order by Saturday. She asked me, which I do prefer.. if it was XEND or AIR21. And I told her Air21 cos i haven’t heard of XEND before. She gave me the tracking number September 17,2009 and when I checked it..  it says “no trasaction record”. At first, I was afraid so that “can it be a scam?”. Well, definitely you can’t blame someone to think like that, especially there’s a lot of scammers but I just pray to GOD. I told him I trust her.. and thank GOD, I am not wrong trusting Miss Alison of M.O.I. Cosmetics. Well, I hope that Air21 tracking online will be updated also their SMS tracking as well. Good thing, there’s a costumer service hotline that you can talked to costumer service assistant for more questions you would love to asks. Looking forward for the next transaction with Miss Alison very soon.  Here’s the package progress after I removed the AIR21 plastic cover: 
(Wrapped with plastic bubble wrap)

(Comes with 2 ELLANA MINERALS- blush samples)

(Still wrapped with some kind of a smooth plastic paper)
(Pallete’s box)

The Palette’s cover

First set of eyeshadows
Second Set of eyeshadows
Some eyeshadow swatches:
(i just used my finger tips not any brushes)
Really vibrant and pigmented
No base/ No flash
Really Affordable with good quality

I got it for  1100 Philippine pesos = 23.0846 U.S. dollars( exchange rate as of September 20, 2009) . Price comes with discount voucher plus shipping fee(within Manila).  

Here’s the discount voucher:

for more information:)
I am just sharing my experience.
I am not advertising this product or seller.
I cannot assure that transaction will be like mine in the end
but I am hoping for good experience for you as well.

Philippines meet Chubby Bunny X4

It is the first time, we tried CHUBBY BUNNY:) I tagged everyone who will watch it to TRY this fun TAGGED GAME:) 


In the game, each participant usually places a marshmallow of varying size or shape into their mouth and says something similar to “Chubby Bunny”. If they are able to state the whole phrase, usually in a comprehensible manner that the other participants wholly concur to, they pass that round. Each successful player then adds an additional marshmallow to the one already in his or her mouth and repeats the phrase. A player who fails to complete the phrase is eliminated from the game. The process continues until only one player remains. After the penultimate player loses the game, the winning player might have to place one more marshmallow into his or her mouth and may have to state the phrase once more. The winner of the game is the player who fits the most marshmallows into his or her mouth.[1] Some variants of the game require the winner to actually digest the marshmallows. (RULES from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chubby_bunny)

My Hair

           Who doesn’t like a nice hair?Our hair is said to be the “crowning glory”. Well, I got a wavy hair. So, I decided to rebond my hair last February 2009. I prefer FRESHAIRE straightening salon[Sm Fairview Branch, Philippines] cos I already had a hair relax with them last July 2008 and I was really satisfied with the results. It was really satisfying paying them that price. I am a member of their salon. I just show them my SMAC card and paid them P30.00( 0.80 $) for the membership fee. There’s a lot of treats you can avail from being a member of FRESHaire CLUB. Really cheap membership but worth it.

           Even summer time April-May 2009 was really disgusting for hair. Summer makes your hair frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. Well, I used Creamsilk Limited edition conditioner during summer and it really works good. So bad I still want it even it’s rainy season already here in the Philippines. I also used Sunsilk summer limited edition which in watermelon scent and it really works good with Creamsilk.

       AS of today August 2009, I am still loving my rebonded hair. Where I don’t have to used hair straightening iron anymore. I just usually blow dry my hair when I feel it’s kindda oily. And then, I am on the go… saves time and energy. But still I have to maintain it. I am using Creamsilk Hair IMG. 02 repair every week, I bought it for about P300(6$) for two from Watsons(it was sale buy one take one) . And  Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa IMG. 01 (P250/5$)to add brown shine effect to my hair which I used every two weeks. Well, on the other hand I also used Shine moist but it’s all gone now, I haven’t buy yet. It really works good for me also it. Really leaves your hair a nice shine. These are products that really works for me that may work for you as well. 

                                                                        Img. 01

 Img. 02

              Well, I can’t find the right Shine moist Image I was talking about in the internet. So I will just post about it when I buy one again. It doesn’t need too expensive not all expensive brands will work best for you. I usually do treament at home, more affordable and can be used for more than one time. My creamsilk treatment usually lasts for about 2 months I guess.
 Here’s my hair video I wanted to show to you:

              I am not saying my hair was really beautiful, it’s on my own opinion only. How bout you guys? What hair product do you love? Are you loving your hair also? 
NOTE: Prices were just estimated. Not exact price. Look for it online or in stores to know more information about it. Questions? Comments? …
Thanks for reading!
God bless.