Joys of Motherhood: Beauty Giveaway: Win Makeup Kit from Lipstick ALL …

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Share with your readers something that makes you feel beautiful and include a link to this giveaway in your post.

 My mom is someone who makes me feel beautiful not because she’s saying that I am beautiful but because– I can see the beauty my mom has as a person. Whenever I think of her, I can’t really imagine how lucky I am to have someone like her. She is someone who doesn’t think of her own happiness first but she’s someone happy making ‘us’ (her children,loveones) happier. I know its really hard for her not to be here in the Philippines, but I hope she also knows how hard it is for us not having her around.

Now, can you tell me? Who couldn’t feel beautiful –if you were raised by someone who has a golden heart♥

.My MOM♥

How bout you? What makes you feel beautiful?




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