How did Shen’s Addiction Beauty Blog encouraged you to explore beauty?

It has been another year for your blog again, Miss Shen. I am very happy and proud to say that I’d been your follower since the pass 3 years. I am very happy that there’s only ONE Filipina blogger that I have known for a long time, and that’s only you Miss Shen.

Hi Miss Shen, its me .. janeuarymmiv who have won the Neutrogena products for about 2 years ago. Sadly, I have erased my blog accidentally from blogger.


Actually, I never expect to won by that time~ I am just being honest with my answer for wanting a fairer skin. When I was a child one of my aunt was teasing my mom saying “ang panget panget naman ng anak mo, ang itim itim” and look at my aunt’s children today ~ they got darker skin than mine. It must be the so-called ‘KARMA’.

My image 2009 (L) and 2012 (R).

It has been a chance for me to experienced Neutrogena’s product since as a student that couldn’t afford that set at once and because of you Miss Shen and your lovely blog, I had a chance trying it. I am really grateful to be chosen. I was supposed to do a blog post for thanking her but I didn’t able to ~and this is my chance to thank her.

Some may not also know that Miss Shen do have a youtube account . I am really jealous with the confidence she has and the courage that I could not even done. I am not really someone who can show off myself on camera and speak for myself.

For my answer with her Anniversary question  “How did Shen’s Addiction Beauty Blog encouraged you to explore beauty?”

Well, Shen’s addiction Beauty blog allows me to know more beauty products that may work for Miss Shen that may also work for me such as Neutrogena product, garnier and majorica products. I know not all product may work well with me, but it’s really a great help that we do have Shen’s addiction Beauty Blog that is sharing helpful information if ever we wanted to try some new product. And also having a chance to experience Neutrogena that was a great chance for me to try something new for my skin. I have gained more confidence having a fairer looking skin. I cannot only say that it was only from Neutrogena’s help but it takes a couple of trial and error~ what really suited my skin. So if there’s a review for a certain product from this blog, it doesn’t only gives us information but also it saves money our for trying some product.

Not only that, this blog also share new information for beauty treatment such as powerpeel that I also tried ~ I was really satisfied with the results and great trends for hair treatments. How I wish I could also afford most of it but still~ it doesn’t only need cash but also COURAGE to try something new. Some may be really afraid, but having someone like Miss Shen who show off herself, her beauty and confidence takes really a big courage from within. Aside from that, it’s not only about beauty but also having the heart that is full of  joy that can make someone’s day (like mine) and a life to share  for each one of us.

Thanks for having you in the blogsphere and as a source of beauty information.

Courage + Confidence + Time + Money + Love + Blog + Ms.Shen


Shen’s addiction

You have it all there from your blog Ms Shen and thanks for giving a part of your life for it.

Happy 4th year anniversary!

There may be a lot of beauty blogs that I know but as a Filipina~ I am grateful that we have a blog like Shen’s addiction. Congratulations ! Keep everyone inspired. And more years to come 🙂

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