Freelancer~ Sad & Happy

As of today, its been almost a week of waiting for new file to work with. I am still trying to think, ‘what can I do to help?’. The issue is about a subject , I don’t really know. 

I feel really sad, its like~ is it the end of my work? ‘Hopefully not’~ its the hard part of being a freelancer. Yes~ there’s no actual contract~ you can leave whenever you wanted. Well, but I don’t want to leave my work. I’d been enjoying it a  lot~ its like a a part of me. And what am I doing? I am just here waiting~ I decided to make a post. I can’t take the sadness with in me.

A few detail about my work, I usually do blog commenting~ its for ranking in Google called backlinking. And I have to stopped~ no idea how long, I am still waiting for my kind client for updates.

The issue I am trying to figure out is about backlinking. What do I know about it? Yes, I know the anchor itself~ but I don’t really have much idea about it. What’s about the Google Penguin Update? how did it affect my work with the usual backlinking?

Hopefully, everything will get better so soon.

I hope it will be very soon. 😦