Summer almost ended..

A view from CABALATIAN islands, Pangasinan..

A wonderful place, I ever visited.. I never knew there’s something like this from our province. Just from Uyong, Labrador seashore we ride a boat where we paid Php 500.00 going to these wonderful island nearby.
The seashore from our town in Uyong was a way different from the seashore of these island. My feet can still feel the smoothness of the sand but on our way going to what they call cave in here, I saw a lot of crushed seashells which hurt my foot. I wondered how these crushed seashells became like that… might be.. dynamite fishing?? oh I don’t really know. But hopefully, for 6yrs of new term for this government, I would suggest for conservation of our natural resources. Our descendants might not see the wonder of our own country. That will be really sad. Everyone must take a part of conserving it!

thats all for now:)

Happy Holidays!