My Hair

           Who doesn’t like a nice hair?Our hair is said to be the “crowning glory”. Well, I got a wavy hair. So, I decided to rebond my hair last February 2009. I prefer FRESHAIRE straightening salon[Sm Fairview Branch, Philippines] cos I already had a hair relax with them last July 2008 and I was really satisfied with the results. It was really satisfying paying them that price. I am a member of their salon. I just show them my SMAC card and paid them P30.00( 0.80 $) for the membership fee. There’s a lot of treats you can avail from being a member of FRESHaire CLUB. Really cheap membership but worth it.

           Even summer time April-May 2009 was really disgusting for hair. Summer makes your hair frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. Well, I used Creamsilk Limited edition conditioner during summer and it really works good. So bad I still want it even it’s rainy season already here in the Philippines. I also used Sunsilk summer limited edition which in watermelon scent and it really works good with Creamsilk.

       AS of today August 2009, I am still loving my rebonded hair. Where I don’t have to used hair straightening iron anymore. I just usually blow dry my hair when I feel it’s kindda oily. And then, I am on the go… saves time and energy. But still I have to maintain it. I am using Creamsilk Hair IMG. 02 repair every week, I bought it for about P300(6$) for two from Watsons(it was sale buy one take one) . And  Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa IMG. 01 (P250/5$)to add brown shine effect to my hair which I used every two weeks. Well, on the other hand I also used Shine moist but it’s all gone now, I haven’t buy yet. It really works good for me also it. Really leaves your hair a nice shine. These are products that really works for me that may work for you as well. 

                                                                        Img. 01

 Img. 02

              Well, I can’t find the right Shine moist Image I was talking about in the internet. So I will just post about it when I buy one again. It doesn’t need too expensive not all expensive brands will work best for you. I usually do treament at home, more affordable and can be used for more than one time. My creamsilk treatment usually lasts for about 2 months I guess.
 Here’s my hair video I wanted to show to you:

              I am not saying my hair was really beautiful, it’s on my own opinion only. How bout you guys? What hair product do you love? Are you loving your hair also? 
NOTE: Prices were just estimated. Not exact price. Look for it online or in stores to know more information about it. Questions? Comments? …
Thanks for reading!
God bless.